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Find a list of apartments for sale and rent in Kampala and Uganda with MILLENIUM HEIGHTS LIMITED

Comfort Style Luxury

Established in 2008 as MILLENIUM HEIGHTS LIMITED, MILLENIUM PROPERTIES has experienced significant expansion in its portfolio of cutting-edge developments. With 2 well-established properties and an impressive total of 39 apartment units, we have emerged as one of Kampala’s leading residential property developers, offering top-notch, professional services alongside sophisticated and modern facilities. Explore our exquisite Apartments for Sale in Kampala and discover attractive options for Apartments for Rent in Kampala.

Beautifully finished and perfectly positioned in the upscale Kololo neighborhood at the core of Kampala, our locations are all about comfort and convenience. Transport yourself to unmatched heights, as some of our buildings boast the most stunning city views. Standing tall as prominent landmarks in Kololo, many of our high-end apartments offer breathtaking views of city skylines and lush green surroundings. Explore the pinnacle of luxurious living with our Apartments for Sale in Kampala or experience the ease of living with our Apartments for Rent in Kampala.

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