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Modern Style At Millenium Heights Apartments in Kampala for Sale & Rent

Millenium Heights Ltd is an East African based residential development and management company that combines the expertise of a truly global executive team which leverages hospitality excellence and value.We sells homes in Kampala. Our team is really good at it! We have a global team that knows a lot about making homes great. So, if you want to buy an apartment in Kampala, we're the ones to talk to!

Our range of luxury boutique residential apartments for rent in Kampala are renowned to epitomize comfort, style and luxury.  

Our mainstream brand of luxurious boutique apartments in Kampala strive to combine design and comfort in equal measure.   

Always located in neighbourhoods that brim with life and character, Millenium appeals to discerning executives and families wanting more than just a stylish home but an aspirational lifestyle.  

Our premier brand of apartments for sale in Kampala all enjoy prestigious addresses and extensive clubhouse facilities. The spacious, contemporary interiors are exceptionally well appointed and serviced to discerning standards.

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