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Millenium Heights Apartments Services

Millenium Style

From furniture to fittings, Millenium apartments combine modern style with supreme functionality. For each property like apartments in Kampala our design team introduces unique touches and creates welcoming spaces that reflect our Africa-meets-West heritage. All materials, from carpets to inspiring artworks, are selected in-house to ensure comfort, quality and conformity with Millenium’s vision.

Millenium location

Carefully chosen and fully researched, each Millenium property like any apartments for sale and rent in Kampala is located in the heart of that city’s prime commercial and/or residential district. Our residents benefit in every way, including convenient transport links, proximity to cultural and entertainment venues, and easy access to essential amenities, such as grocery stores and fine dining establishments.

Millenium service

We believe that an exceptional living experience requires an unrivalled standard of service. To meet these standards, we are committed to hiring and training the most experienced and qualified staff at Millenium Heights Apartments. The result is a team comprised of dedicated professionals who go out of their way to meet the needs of our tenants and who work continuously to improve our service quality in innovative and practical ways.

Millenium lifestyle 

For many of our residents, their experience as an expatriate in a new city is one of the most exciting aspects. We aim to enhance this experience by creating a sense of belonging through our fully equipped gyms and inviting common areas around the pool. An eclectic mix of people from diverse backgrounds create a cosmopolitan aura at Millenium.

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