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At Millenium Heights Apartments we have taken active steps to keep our residents and staff safe.

We Make hand sanitizer stations available

We provide hand sanitizer stations at high traffic areas — at the gate, at the gym, by the lifts and encourage residents, staff and visitors to use it often At Millenium Heights Apartments in Kampala.

We Clean thoroughly and a lot

High-traffic surfaces in common areas are cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day At Millenium Heights Apartments. The staff are instructed to disinfect commonly-touched surfaces in places like the lobby, restroom, terrace, lifts, gym, swimming pool, door handles and delivery areas. All deliveries are left in the lobby for pickup and not taken to apartments for sale and rent in Kampala.

We Close the garbage

All trash cans, both outdoor plastic garbage cans and lobby wastebaskets, have working lids which are kept closed. No one wants to, or should be forced to, pick up used tissues that have fallen on the ground At Millenium Heights Apartments.

We Don't come in if sick

Apartment management At Millenium Heights Apartments ensures any sick staff member stays at home. Sick employees will only spread infections to residents. All contractors are following the same policies.

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